Adding Clarity to your Purpose with Mindset and Flow

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Today’s blog looks at 2 important topics when clarifying our purpose and that is mindset and the hints we can get from our flow experiences in life. Let’s start today’s teachings with one of my favourite stories illustrating mindset – you may have heard it before. There was once a chicken farmer who found an eagle egg in his walk around his farm. He could not find any eagles around to care for the egg and so he took the egg and put it among his chickens. Along with the chicken eggs, the eagle egg also hatched. The eagle lived among the...

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Clarity of Life Purpose

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I have had clients recently who are going through transitions and their world is pushing them towards having clarity for a new vision for their lives. Like them, you might find yourself in a time of transition, such as job dissatisfaction, a divorce, an empty nest, coming retirement, whatever it is. We will often feel restless at these times, wanting more and not knowing where we will go from here – for sure you know you want what we all want – to live fully, joyfully and with meaning but how? Because my clients often come looking...

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Forgiveness – A Lighter You

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Forgiveness is a big part of living fully. There are mistakes in all relationships including our relationship with ourselves and we need to be able to forgive in order to release negative energy and be at our best. Not necessarily easy, however. In order to come to a new relationship with some freedom, it is important to look at what needs to be forgiven in your past relationships. The cost of not forgiving is fairly high. When we do not forgive, we tend to develop vulnerable spots where we carry past experiences into our present and darken...

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Living your Values

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We all have certain values that we would say we subscribe to. I was struck by something I read recently that talks about values as verbs or adverbs. It is all about action. Think about your life… Are you acting out your values? There is a body of research that shows if you actually take a few minutes and write out what is important to you, it really makes a difference. One research project had kids in middle school write for 20 minutes, 3 times about why academics was important to them. There was a 40 percent jump in achievement as a...

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Reducing Worry

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Many clients are concerned with the amount of attention they give to worry in their lives. Worry is a waste of your emotional energy as it does not change a thing in your life – you know this but you do it anyway. You persist in adding clouds in your otherwise sunny life. You have probably tried to distract yourself or to argue with your cognitive distortions, such as future catastophyzing, that are attached to your worry and exacerbate your worries. For some, this does work. In fact, the exercise of managing your thoughts changes your...

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We are Halfway through Your Year’s Goals…

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Ok everyone – this is a reminder to you and me that we are halfway through the year and it is time to reconnect with what you wanted to create in this year. How have you done? If your answer is not satisfactory, don’t sit in the guilt and disappointment. That will not get you any further towards what you want. You can still do a lot by the end of December. I want to inspire you with this blog to help yourself to put small habits in place to get some good results for yourself. First, you need to realign with what you want. Choose only 3...

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Procrastination and Resistance

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Isn’t this topic familiar to everyone at one time or another? Even as I write my blogs these days I can feel the tug to procrastinate and sometimes give in to it. Let’s look at how procrastination sneeks in. 1. Mostly it starts in your mind. Like you, I have many rationalizations to put off what my goals are. These all sound logical in my mind but are in reality excuses to put things off. I say things like I worked long hours this week. I need some work/ life balance – I will put that off for today (good one). Or I have neglected the...

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The Importance of Story

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Our story is important to where we are today. Our history contains pain and joy and learning and experiences that we love to reflect on. The important part of story is to be able to reconcile the parts of our story that are painful and appreciate the parts that were great. Many people do not reflect on their past. It can contain a part of them that is too painful. If that is the case for you, I would recommend that you seek out counselling and do so. When you are desiring to live fully and you have things in your past that are painful and...

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Clarity Basics

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Do you, like others, want more clarity on who you are, what you want, how to get what you want and to know what you actually find meaningful and fulfilling? If the trajectory of your life is not what you expected, sometimes stuckness ensues. If that is the case, the good news is that you can generate a new reality or a new clarity. Does it happen magically? No, which is good because then you would have to sit with your life on hold waiting for a fairy or a lightening bolt from the magic of God to give you clarity. Beginning clarity is...

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6 Steps to Live More Fully Today

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Isn’t life terrific? We have so many choices from inside to outside. You don’t have to delay to get more education or more money – just make the choice to walk through the door. Here are a few possibilities for you to choose from today. 1. Focus on the Now Your brain, body and whole self wants to focus on the present. That is where you make the most difference. You can’t change yesterday. You can’t control tomorrow. Let go of that noise and be present and aware of this moment in your life and live it fully. 2. Be...

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