The focus of Living Fully website is as its name suggests! I work with people who really want to live their lives in a way that has mattered in the end. There are many reasons why this may have been difficult for you so far, but there are opportunities to get on a new path now. Wherever you are now, the practice for living is done. Now is the time to have words such as values, meaning, contribution, significance, abundance, joy and fulfillment as part of your everyday life. Notice that I chose an eagle as the small icon on my site. Where I live there are lots of Eagles. There are so many metaphors that come to mind when I think of those I work with and Eagles. Eagles choose the highest point in the tallest tree to live and make their nest. I know that those I work with want to be there too. When Eagles are soaring, there is a beauty and peace and certainty about their place in the world. I have that sense of soaring with my clients when we have worked together and achieved change. If this seems to mesh with your goals, I would love to hear from you. I have put together a small gift for you for stopping by my site, called, “10 Steps to Living Life Fully”. You will see a button below where you can access that information. I hope it serves you well and encourages you today. There are other buttons which show you other products that you may be interested in.

For those who know you want to go directly to coaching, an initial phone call helps us to know whether we are a good match for each other in this work together. Please email me at lynda@livingfullycoachingsite.com or by calling 604-940-1646. After we have decided you can benefit from working with me, you will check out a choice of packages that might fit for where you are now. Once decided, we will go forward together to discover and achieve your next level of living. My joy in life comes from doing this work and I would consider it a privilege to be a part of your journey!

“Many people have the wrong idea what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose” Helen Keller


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