We are Halfway through Your Year’s Goals…

Ok everyone – this is a reminder to you and me that we are halfway through the year and it is time to reconnect with what you wanted to create in this year. How have you done? If your answer is not satisfactory, don’t sit in the guilt and disappointment. That will not get you any further towards what you want. You can still do a lot by the end of December. I want to inspire you with this blog to help yourself to put small habits in place to get some good results for yourself.

First, you need to realign with what you want. Choose only 3 goals for the next months. Visualize the outcome as successful. This is important to retrain your brain. Your brain may be against the change that you want, so visualizing helps to get the brain on board.

Next, look at your current beliefs that might creep into your self talk to stop you once again from being successful. You need to become very honest with yourself here. You will need to journal these beliefs that no longer serve you well and adopt more positive beliefs. This is where brain training comes in again. The brain loves repitition and knowing this, you will be able to make changes in those old beliefs by repeating the new beliefs you want to adopt as well as writing them out in your journalling.

Next, make very sure you know why these goals are important to you. These reasons need to be very strong and be attached to your values. Remind yourself why you want these goals each day. That helps you to be propelled forward rather then to have to grit your teeth to do what needs to be done each day.

Lastly, you want to write down what habits will help you to get to where you want to be. If you are able, hook them to habits you already have. For instance, I like to have several cups of tea in a day. I also want to have an ordered house and that includes keeping the dishes and counters clean – something that I like to do far less. So – when my kettle is boiling and the tea is steeping, I clean my counters and do any accumulated dishes in the sink – without any pain or thought. Find what you could hook these new habits to that will be less painful too.

1. choose 3 goals.
2. visualize your goals.
3. look at your current beliefs that may be holding you back.
4. change those beliefs by repitition
5. Make a strong why for your goals
6. remind yourself of your why daily
7. write down habits that will create a path to your success
8. hook your new habits to old ones.
You can do this! Go forth and Be Wonderful!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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