About Lynda Chalmers

Lynda Chalmers has been a professional coach/counselor for over 20 years. Her professional training includes:

  • BA in Psychology
  • MA in Counselling Psychology

She has also had training from Layola Marymount University, as well as extensive training in a number of areas such as:

  • Advanced Gottman Couples Therapy,
  • CBT-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,
  • EMDR Trauma Therapy,
  • One Eye Integration Trauma Therapy,
  • Family Systems Therapy,
  • Satir Family Therapy,
  • Conflict Resolution,
  • Jungian Dream Analysis,
  • Myers Briggs Personality Type,
  • Residential Abuse
  • Clinical Hypnosis.

From Lynda

I have been enjoying my meaningful work as a private practice counsellor for the last 30 years and recently the need for coaching has been presenting itself more & more. People have less time and can commit to the coaching process because of its flexibility. Coaching can easily be done by phone or Zoom which is very convenient.

We have been blessed by so much in our society, we can afford to look at how we can thrive rather than just survive. We are privileged to look at what our purpose is and how we can give back to the world as the gift we were meant to be.

I have personally experienced coaching in a variety of ways. I have attended individual coaching, group coaching, web based calls as well as membership groups and have profited greatly from those experiences. Additionally, I am a life-long learner and have pursued many of my interests through education including becoming a spiritual director. Although I spend a significant amount of money and time on keeping up on new research and training in my long term field of psychotherapy, the idea of coaching really appealed to me.

So, here I am, trained and enjoying my new journey as a coach. I look forward to sharing my learnings with you and hope that we can develop a relationship together that helps you to grow to your fullest potential. How fun would that be?

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