Review and a Couple of My Favourites

Here we are at the end of our series. I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from the array of tools that I have given you. I am starting my monthly online subscription called “Making Room for Your Greatness” on Tuesday December 1oth at 4:30pm on (free to use). I will be giving you inspiration on the latest topics that we are challenged with today with some practical solutions that you can apply to create a more meaningful life in your precious time here. The monthly subscription cost is so doable at only $29.99, I hope you will join me.

So where have we come from?
We began with finding clarity of purpose to point us in the direction that we want our lives to go. We looked at strengths and values, dreams and challenges, the lifestyle we want and the support that we have as we make our way through our journey of destiny. We looked a having certain words to guide us as we move through our life each day. Our next session looked at mindset with the story of the eagle who believed he was a chicken so lived and died a chicken. We also looked at the flow experiences in our lives and how we might find clues to our purpose in our flow experiences. On our Friday session of the first week we looked at visualization and how it could serve us well to make things happen and change us. Many people who have created great lives or have become extraordinary in their field used visualization to get there. That was a lot of takeaways for one week. I hope that you used your clarity tool this week and that it was helpful.

For our second week we looked at goal setting and how to move goal setting from ‘New Year’s Resolutions failure’ to success. Week two session two we looked at a way to set our 3 month goals by mind mapping and seeing the picture of how each piece of our lives hooks into another piece. We looked at the importance of habits and how they move us towards our goals. We looked at sustaining our goals by hooking them to a system we already do successfully, setting intentions and creating positive success stories for our goals. Hopefully you have found your bonus daily goal sheet useful.

And here we are in our final week in this series. We started with looking at the wide array of choices we have and the importance of choosing to minimize our choices for success with a “Not-to-Do List”. Remember the research with the jam jars and the paralysis that can happen when we have too many choices; this is the last day to get this free resource to help you with that. We then moved on to the critical skill of managing our mind and retraining our brain. You now have so much to inspire you towards becoming! You can read back on these blogs & review our topics when you need them.

I will close with a couple of my favourite ways to grow that we have not covered so far. First of all, I love to set a time of 1:00 each day to complete my important goals. This one thing really keeps me in line with what I need to do. A whole day can get lost for me if I have not prioritized what needs to be done and I hate that feeling versus having a productive, joyful day. Another thing that is important to me is that I take time to make a difference in lives that are not attached to my client list for that day. For me, that can mean just a text or connection with a friend, something that gives me meaning and makes me more well rounded as a person. And finally, I like to consider that each challenge I face is an opportunity to grow. This is not always easy as the hurt can be great but it keeps me humble, less defensive and able to grow. I believe in love that has my best interests at heart and has my back which helps me to be okay through these times, to have a light in my eyes to pass on to others in all the challenging work of service that I do. Bless you as you move forward. Thanks for spending time with me. Remember I have put the transcripts up on my blog.

Go forth and be wonderful today!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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