Mind Maps for Goal Setting




Hello everyone we are on our 5th day of looking at methods that work for changing our lives. Today we are going to look at techniques to prime our minds for goals and to make goals that work.

I am going to share with you the way that I make goals every 3 months. I love making goals that I can live into over time. I personally buy journals that have no lines but you can always draw outside of your lines with freedom while you are doing this. I use Mindmaps to make my goals – I start with a circle in the middle representing the hub of a wheel and I label it with the word “goals” and the date I am doing them.


Then I use the categories of life that make sense to me and I put spokes out from the middle and label them with the categories. For instance, I will have spokes that are career, social, financial, family, health, spiritual, environment, intellectual – you will use somewhat the same categories too.  Next I put goals or changes I would like to make over the next 3 months at the end of each of the spokes.


Before we get too confused, I am going to use ‘career’ as my example for you. So I have a spoke called career that comes out of my hub. At the end of the spoke I have added 3-5 goals I would like to achieve over the next 3 months. That would be my subscription program, another group coaching program and a relationship program.


In each of those categories there will be things I need to do. For instance, there will be a set of spokes from the subscription program that would be written down on its own spoke attached to subscription:

1. Do IGTV videos 3 weeks before

2. Create a bonus for those who choose to subscribe

3. Decide on first 3 sessions

4. Do Facebook ads. From each of those there will be things to do that are dated.




I can also note and hook up my spokes to other things such as when I do the TV video it also helps with my blogging. When I create my subscription program it hooks to my learning more technology which hooks to the intellectual part of me. This also hooks to the social part of me as I do this with a friend. The creation part hooks to my spiritual spoke! I get to see all of this on my mind map. I am also mindful of my 3 words (see last week) that help to guide my every day. You may have an alternate way of making goals that works for you but for me I like to see the big picture of my life and what is important to me to focus on for the next 3 months. Of course, like you, I continue to sustain the other parts of my life in an ongoing way. 

On Friday we are going to look at habits that help us to work at and achieve our goals, I am going to leave you with a story to think upon and decide where you are and who you are when it comes to goals.

Remember the Aesop Fable story of the Hare and the Tortoise? The tortoise did life at a slow and steady pace while the hare was energetic and quick and was distracted by playing in the forest and napping. The tortoise was focussed and trod slowly, putting one good step in front of another. This is where our phrase “slow and steady wins the race” comes from. In the story, the amazing happened. The tortoise won the race because the hare was off making the race fun for himself and taking a nap in the sunshine, believing he would win the race despite not attending to his timing. I would like to stand up for both of these characters. I think that you may be one or the other and be successful. There are days when we are the slow and steady and get to our finish line but we also want to leave room for the quick and fun method. I want to be the hare but I don’t want to make the mistakes he made, although some of them I certainly do when it comes to productivity. I often overestimate what can be done in the time I have and I can lose focus to have fun in one form or another – I love my work and want to have fun along the way. I also love new ideas and I can get lost in another shiny new thing and lose sight of my goal. Why didn’t the hare run to the end of the race then go back into the forest and play and nap? Hmmm. Have fun looking at who you are most like and see your characteristics in being productive in your goals. Remember that we have a NEW FREE Giveaway that may be helpful for you! I will see you on Friday. Bless you as you “Go forth and Be Wonderful Today”!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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