Wanting More in Life

Do you have that restless feeling of wanting more? ┬áMost of us experience that in our lives. Seeing someone in need may provoke your feelings of wanting to serve more – to find the time to volunteer. Feeling lonely may provoke you to want more connections with people, to build your friendship base. Being with someone who is dying may provoke us to wanting more presence in our lives. To find a way to live a life of awareness, focussing on each precious day. Coming up short in the money area may have you wanting more money. The list is endless. More sleep, more fun, more peace inside – add to the list – make it yours. Journal about your more. This is not negating the amazing blessings we have. Or the gratitude for what is present in our lives today. It is about living out our potential. It is about making our tree of life lush and beautiful as is this tree. It is getting rid of our blocks to being more. Actually doing something about having that more is where the people living fully separate from those who stay wishing. Go forth and be wonderful!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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