Moving Relationship Challenges to Personal Strengths

We have all noticed the changes in our society in the way in which we interact with each other. For those who want to live above the norm, we can understand that the pendulum has swung from the Victorian era to now where children were seen and not heard to the place where children are known to regularly aggressively swear at their parents and even worse. From children to adults, relationships regularly break down. It is very hard to go against the norm in a tide against relationship honour and respect. We need our family relationships for our good health, no matter who they may be, and we need our good friendships too. Cultivating these relationships takes intention to have a close relationship and then developing an attunement to maintaining those relationships.

Sometimes we have to come to terms with the fact that some of our family or friendships refuse to have a relationship with the rest of the family or us after a hurt occurs. Emotional cutoffs are harmful to us in every way. This happens mostly as a result of divorce but can also happen in intact families or even long term friendships. This provokes an incredible hurt in our lives that remains a constant ache of loss. We need to operate from a place of acceptance as well as continuing to reach out over time. To free up the energy to live fully, as in other situations that are out of our control, we need to look where the opportunity for personal change is that can come out of the situation. This can redeem the situation even though the pool of grief remains. It does not need to stop us from continuing to live our best life. Go forth and be wonderful today!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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