How fun to learn. I just got back from my re-certification of High Performance Coaching (have to re-certify every 2 years). There was beauty everywhere in the hotel. It was in the warm climate of Arizona and I went with a friend. It is so good to have a long time, very special friend on the same journey as you are so that you can share the learning. Socializing adds to the learning for me and cements it all in with fun. We went to the restaurant that was recommended to us called Bourbon and Bones. The food was amazing! They come to the table before your food is ordered and give you your choice of steak knives in a wooden box (I thought it was a cigar box at first!). I chose a French curved one because it was old and attractive to me. We even shared a deep fried ice cream dessert that was so yummy. The experience of the right on time friendly UBER drivers was refreshing (we do not have UBER in our city). The hotel staff was so friendly and at every turn helpful. The lunch they served us was so amazing every day. We basically snacked for dinner most days as we were so full! We were also exhausted as our learning was from 8:30 to 7:30. There are always fun surprise gifts that the coaching staff give us and this year it was the new day book. It is always a terrific experience. It so affirms the goodness of life and the blessings that I am privileged to have. I am so grateful! I hope that you will have some learning in your future. Perhaps you will even choose to have some coaching with me. I will be having 5 openings in the New Year. Perhaps this will be your fun gift to yourself. Go forth and be wonderful!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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