Welcome – Be Encouraged Today!

Today’s theme is how do you start on a new path in life. Some people are natural dreamers and if you ask them – they know exactly what they want in life. They may not yet know how to access it but they are sure of what they want. It is the others I come across that find it much more difficult to know what they want, that I am speaking to today. One of the tools that I find helpful is to make a life wheel with the themes that you engage in everyday. For instance, your life wheel may include family, friends, life mission or values, significant other, spirituality, work life, health or others. Then when you have the important segments of your life, rate these segments from one to ten according to your satisfaction with them. This alone will help you to know where to begin in living life more fully. Don’t get bogged down here. Choose small changes and work at them every day. Look at the difference this will make by the end of the year. If you want to go further, look up a list of values on the internet and choose your top five. This is not as easy as it sounds. I find that taking the time to list the values on paper and making three piles of yes, no and maybe helps. Then just work with the yeses until you have five top values. Go back to the segments of your life and look at whether or not you are living your values. Remember, begin with one segment of your life and make a change. Enjoy it! Go forth and be Wonderful!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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