Great Book – Character Strengths Matter

‘Character Strengths Matter’ is such
a great book. The subtitle is “how to live a full life” which is why I was drawn to the book. Contributors to each character strength are written by people who have studied that particular character strength. It is written
with lots of personal stories and humor. I will be challenging you
with some character traits over time. I find in my high performance coaching that the way forward for people is often through character strengths that are valued but need to be honed and implemented in a planned manner. Character strengths are related to everything that we do in life and in particular if you wish to give your best self to the world consistently. Persistence is one that comes to mind. I have some wonderful clients who have overcome some extraordinary challenges in their lives through persistence. They just did not give up but did everything that they could in spite of the many obstacles that they had to overcome. As Randy Pauch is quoted as saying, When you see a wall in front of you, it is not there to say, don’t do it. It is there to say, how badly do you want it?  These clients did just that and today they are on a journey that pleases them and they are able to contribute to their world with their extraordinary selves. This is for you today. Go forth and be wonderful!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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