Making Daily Choices on Your Journey to Live Your Purpose


“The mark of a great man [or woman] is one who knows when to set aside the important things in order to accomplished the vital ones.” Brandon Sanderson

This is a quote that hits home for many of us. There are so many wonderful things to attend to in life that we are hard pressed to choose well. I think this is especially true of women. Their mission in life will sometimes be in conflict with their more unpredictable roles of wife, friend, children and grandchildren. The important thing for those who are on the journey to living fully is to have your highest values and your mission in life written down and set before you every day. You need to be measuring all that you encounter in your day against these criteria in order to stay on the path to living fully. I am sure that you have experienced brain fatigue in having too many choices in a day. I certainly have. It is true that the brain does get fatigued by too many choices. Can you minimize your unimportant choices in order to save your brain power for the important choices in your life? For instance, surfing the net uses a lot of choices as you constantly decide what to pay attention to that others (Google) have chosen for you to pay attention to. Your emails are another example of the same. Your phone, voice messages and texts are other examples. Other wonderful choices are in our lives and often need to be minimized. Ask yourself what your vulnerabilities are to losing the focus of your mission? What can you say no to, in order to accomplish what is more important? I pride myself on being a ‘yes’ person to life (I learned that from my grandmother). If that is you too, it can be important to learn to say ‘no’ or at least be able to say, ‘give me 24 hours to see how I can fit that in’. During that time, see how it fits in with your mission and see what you are willing to give up in order to make the new opportunity happen.



These challenges are like tiny holes in our living life fully bucket that we need to learn to repair so that we can hold more fully in whatever way we have been called to live. I hope this encourages you to get recommitted to your vital goals.

Go through this door of opportunity to more meaningful days.

Go forth and live fully!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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