Becoming a Great Anchor in Relationships

Did you ever wonder about that saying, “Two are better than one” ? Sometimes when times are challenging in relationships, the wondering can be there. When that happens, it is important to check yourself. Am I playing full out in the area of being an ¬†anchor in my most important relationships? How important is this? In all the research on relationships (particularly Sue Johnson) when we are good at being an anchor and being anchored – it has a huge biological and emotional plus for the effort. You know how it feels to have a sense of rootedness. It helps to calm the storms of life to be sure of our loved ones. How do I evaluate how I am doing in this? Do my significant others know I will always be there for them? How much time do I spend in reassuring them in words and actions? How do we help each other to be secure in our attachment with each other? Being attuned with each other, listening for understanding and showing in attention, actions and support that we are there for each other. Know your loved ones language of love and practice it. Improve your ability to be an anchor today. Go forth and be wonderful.

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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