Oh No – You have Abandoned Your New Year’s Goals

If you have abandoned your new year’s goals by now – you have joined the 1000’s. But if your goal was a worthy goal, and one that will allow you to live more fully, you need to pick it back up and be persistent. Maybe you did not interact with your goal in the following ways. If not try at least a few of these tried and true methods. I have chosen weight loss as an example because that is the most popular new year’s goal.

Here are some ideas that you may not have tried to keep yourself motivated:

1. Connect to the heart of your vision:
Why is the vision of a slimmer you important? What are the positive consequences of your vision.

Journal about how you will feel, what you will think, what you will be doing differently. Many people do better when they also make a vision board with pictures or words representing their vision.

2. Make up a new story about your weight loss:
Make it a new life chapter. Give it a title and a positive end to the chapter. Reverse the negative thoughts you have regarding losing weight from the past. For instance, I never stick to my goals to lose weight. This chapter will have the thought that of course, I will stick to my vision of weight loss. Or perhaps you need to reverse the thoughts and words that someone else gave you about losing weight. Let yourself write about the journey to weight loss in a positive life energizing way.

3. Dialogue with your higher self and your body:
Daily ask both what you need to shift, to release, or do in order for your body to work with you and your vision for yourself. Open your heart to hear and receive the answer that their wisdom would like to give you. This gives you your action steps for this day.

4. Focus on what is going right in the journey:
Focusing on how you did not do perfectly today creates shame and does not allow your body to work optimally. It also does not make you change for the better. Acknowledging the facts, learning from them and letting them go to create the space for what is going well has a positive outcome for the rest of the journey. See Release mediation on youtube.

5. Get Happy!
Let your body get energized. Have a gratitude journal. Practice being happy. Inspire someone today. You must live fully through this journey. Gritting your teeth until the goal is reached is a waste of life. Have the kind of eating plan that allows you to occasionally have a treat. It is the only plan that will work forever.

Enjoy getting back to your goal.

Hopefully these ideas will energize you! I am cheering you on. Go forth and be wonderful!

Author: Lynda Chalmers

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