Laser Focussed Relationship Solutions

I am excited to offer you this coaching program which came about because of my clients who were using my experience in this way.

The program is called, Laser Focussed Relationship Solutions.

I am only able to offer it to a few clients and you will see why! When you join the year long program you will have unlimited access to me – that is right – as many times as you like in 15-minute increments. Again unlimited access! How does it work?

When you sign up, we begin with a 30-minute session where we get to know each other and see what your goals might be for the year.

In the following sessions which are 15-minute increments, each session you will have agreed upon homework which keeps you moving forward and keeps you accountable.

When your homework is complete (even if it is in the same day) you may schedule your next session with me.

At the end of our call, I will send you a link to the recording of the call for you to hear again if you would find that helpful.

Let me give you some examples of how others have found this useful. Perhaps you are amazingly busy but have your relationship as a high value and would like to move forward without the hour-long session. This works well for you. Perhaps you have been unsuccessful in relationships in the past. In your current relationship you sometimes feel stuck and could really use some ‘in the moment’ support. This works to provide learning and the experience to make new paths for you in your relationship. You notice that you get caught in a loop in an argument that you cannot see your way out of. While it is fresh you have the opportunity to gain some new skills and insights. Perhaps you are in a failing relationship and wonder what you can do to put things together or know when to leave. A confidential sounding board is helpful to find wisdom in the midst of emotional reasoning. You are in a solid relationship but you would like to feel that you could be an extraordinary partner. Or your partner has some complaints about you that you could use some help with. All these have been a part of what has been working with this program. If any of these are you – maybe you would benefit by joining me.

Remember that I will be using my 25 years of relationship experience as well as the skills necessary from great tried and true relationship research (no pop psychology!).

You may have more questions – let me answer a few questions that others have asked of me:

  • Is it truly unlimited? Yes, you can even have a call with me on a Monday, do your homework that same day and then schedule your next call that very same day. Most like a day or two of digesting but this is truly unlimited coaching.
  • Is there a payment plan? No. This is a unique program that is more then reasonable considering my and other coaching programs that are a year long – there is not a payment plan.
  • Is there a guarantee? Yes, if on our first 30-minute call you (or we) don’t think this is a good fit, I will immediately refund your money.
  • What if I’m not ready to start? That’s okay, you can sign up now (while there is availability) and keep the coaching in your back pocket for when you are ready (I start the one-year clock when you have your first call). Although I’ll tell you, it’s very likely you are ready now, you just need some coaching on what to do first.
  • Is 15 minutes really enough for a coaching session? Yes, if we skip the chit-chat and get right down to business, it is. Your first call is actually 30 minutes so that I can get to know you better and get a sense of what you most desire but after that, my experience is that I can be really good at helping you by honing in on your relationship need in 15-minute sessions.
  • Is the homework super hard? Not at all. In fact, you and I as your coach, must agree on the homework. It’s usually some baby steps to move you forward, but if you’re feeling particularly productive, you can ask me for more.

Let me summarize the offer:

  • For $997.00 for the year (less than $84.00 a month) you will have unlimited relationship coaching
  • Click the Icon below, pay the fee for the year and then follow the calendar link to make your first call
  • Your first call is 30 minutes and each call thereafter is 15 minutes each call
  • After each call, I will email you a recording of our call, confirmation of your homework, and a link to schedule your next session once your homework is complete
  • When you have completed your homework, you will schedule your next session when you are experiencing a need to do so. The link will take you to a calendar where you will choose a mutually suitable time.

Added Bonus:
Choose from a group of titles for one group coaching call every 6 months. My Group Coaching Program is a group of people who learn something specific every month about relationships and then set goals to make changes in their relationships. You can look at the titles and jump in once every 6 months. This is a great bonus to continue moving you toward becoming a terrific partner.

I hope you will see this as a way to make great progress on your relationship goals in 2017, making this a happy, meaningful relationship year which will carry over to 2018. Learning to love and be loved, learning to influence and be able to voice our needs and meet our partner’s needs, learning to be grateful for our relationship means a happier healthier life.


I am sorry you missed this offer. I would have enjoyed helping you grow. You can contact me to get on a waiting list for the next time I am able to take people into this offer.