Laser Focussed Coaching Solutions

Hello – so glad you have joined Laser Coaching with me for a whole year. How fun is that?

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Just to let you know a couple of things to help make our sessions go smoothly:

  • Bring a journal to each session to record your homework and insights that you want to remember from our session. As soon as we have completed our session take the time to write down what we discussed and what resonated with you.
  • When you book, the calendar gives you an option to share anything that will help prepare for our session. For instance, the subject of our time together, who is involved or whatever you think is important.
  • Do your homework thoroughly as this is what will help with your growth.
  • You will book one session at a time. You can book 14 days out.
  • You can book a subsequent session as soon as you have completed your homework (no sneaking in beforehand 🤣).
  • You can book a session up to 1 hour before so that I can be ready for you.

Let’s Do This! Go forth and be wonderful! 💜 Lynda

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